11. Full Moon in Pisces: Grieve to Receive

This full moon in Pisces, Spirit is inviting us to grieve our sadnesses, losses, hurts, and disappointments so we can honor our current and past experiences and then...release and make space for the "more" that is coming to us next. It is time to grieve, so you can heal and be ready to receive. The full moon will be exact in Pisces on Saturday September 10, 2022 at 5:59AM ET/2:59AMPT/9:59GMT/7:59PM AET.

Episode Timeline

Minute 0:51 - Astrology of the Week, including Full Moon in Pisces, Sun in Virgo, and (brief) Mercury Retrograde

Minute 28:42 - Channeled message from Archangel Raziel from the Akashic records on stepping up your game and standing in your spiritual adulthood

Minute 42:55 - Closing message from Suzanne on channeled message

Full Moon Ceremony with Journal Prompts

Bring a bowl of water to your full moon ceremony to honor the water sign of Pisces, and play music (which Pisces loves) if you desire. Here are three journal questions to answer to support you on your journey to live a joyful, soul-aligned life.

  1. What do you value and how hard are you willing to work for it?
  2. What are you grieving right now?
  3. What is coming next for you?

Visit here to print these journal prompts.

Wishing you a healing time of release this full moon in Pisces, to honor where you are and prepare for your next joy-filled chapter of life!


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