9. Full Moon in Aquarius: Shed Your Limitations

This full moon in Aquarius invites you to get clear on the limitations you feel are holding you back from pursuing and fulfilling your life's purpose. Listen to this podcast episode for guidance on how to bust through these limitations with ingenuity, hard work, and...self-love! I discuss the relevant astrology of this time period, and channel through a message of love from Archangel Chamuel.

This full moon in Aquarius 2022 occurs at 9:36PM ET on Thursday, August 11. Here are three journal prompts to help you harness the power of this full moon.

  • What obstacles and limitations in your work, life, or relationships can you shed by reclaiming your personal power to DO and to ACT?
  • What specific actions would you like to take to bust through the mental, physical, emotional, or relational impediments that are holding you back?
  • Where are you feeling pessimistic in your life, and how can you apply some hard work in that area to improve your chances for success?

Mercury is in Virgo from August 4 to August 27, 2022.

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