6. New Moon in Cancer: Self-Care in Spiritual Adulthood

This new moon in Cancer invites us to re-engage in caring for ourselves, using the tools we have discovered over our lifetime to support us. Self-care, as spiritual adults, may look different than it did when we were younger. But we must nurture ourselves in these trying times in our world so we can rejuvenate and find the energy to in turn nurture the projects we are called to engage in to make the world a safer, happier, healthier and more loving place.That is today's new moon in Cancer invitation for our Soulful Living Project Community.

Journal prompts for your new moon in Cancer ritual:

  • Given the state of the world and your heart, what do you want to give birth to next?
  • How can you honor your grief, while also cultivating your faith in the future? (feel free to answer this as two separate questions)

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