5. Full Moon in Sagittarius: Find Your Daily Practice

Receive guidance on how to connect to your spirituality through a daily practice. The full moon in Sagittarius occurs on June 14 at 4:52AM PDT/7:52AM EDT/11:52GMT/9:52PM AEST. This channeled message from the Akashic Records and astrologer Suzanne Bellavista will help you harness its energy.

Daily Meditation Steps mentioned in the episode:

  • Set aside 5 minutes (set a timer if you'd like)
  • Sit cross legged or in a chair or lay down on your bed/couch/yoga mat
  • Ask Spirit to protect you and to only bring in positive messages
  • Set an intention for your meditation
  • Sit in the space and the stillness and enjoy the feeling of peace that comes to you
  • Notice any messages (visual or auditory) that come to you. If "nothing" comes, that's okay.
  • Enjoy, be still, and repeat again tomorrow.

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