1. Full Moon in Libra: Letting Go of People-Pleasing

It's time to release your need to people-please and instead find the commitment to shine brightly as authentic you! A channeled message by astrologer Suzanne Bellavista, M.S., from the Akashic Records, along with Suzanne's astrological take on this full moon in Libra, to help you honor the energy of the full moon and align with your highest self and your life purpose.

Journal Prompts for the Full Moon in Libra 2022

  • How has my desire to please other people (over honoring myself) held me back from fulfilling my potential?
  • What is something that is different or unique about me that has the potential to help others if I were willing to share it with the world?
  • Am I ready to say goodbye to trying to "fit in" or "keep up with the Jones" in order to enjoy my true nature and share it with the world? Why or why not?

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