When you embody high-vibe

Pisces energy . . .

you are relaxed and laid back. It is easy for you to take things as they come and to go with the flow of a situation. You handle change well and are able to be a bridge for yourself and others during conflict and transitions.


You are open to new ideas and suggestions and do not feel the need to impose your style, wishes, or opinions on others. You are generally comfortable trying new things and enjoy having plenty of unstructured time in your schedule to relax and dream.


Your Piscean nature allows you to improvise and create in the moment, whether in the realm of music, art, spirituality, film or something else. What will you dream up next?


Your flowing and dreamlike nature make it easy for you to tap into your psychic gifts as well as to put yourself in another person's shoes. Empathy, kindness, and compassion come easily to you. You feel emotions deeply, and appreciate the emotional lives of others. You have a quiet and private nature.    


When you embody low-vibe

Pisces energy . . .

you feel powerless to effect change in your life. You feel helpless, like a victim who is subject to the whims of everyone and everything else. Why bother taking action? You feel there is no point when you don't have any real control anyway.


When you take action, it is done with a feeling of servitude to others. You give up yourself in order to serve your family, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues, the collective (and even strangers!) in order to do what you feel society expects of you. This leads to self-forgetting that can frustrate you when the burden of helping others becomes too much.

It is easy for you to lose your way in creating a life that is personally fulfilling to you because you are pulled so easily to caring for others. Guilt is a common voice in your head and it can easily become your master if you do not remember to check in with what you truly desire and need. 

Too often, you live your life according to how you feel you are "supposed to," rather than how your heart wishes to. If you can offer the compassion and kindness you feel so readily for others to yourself, you can rediscover your power and gain traction in your life once again.