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Life Purpose Complete Report - Two Payments

*Delivery time with this two-payment option is 6 weeks to allow for 2 monthly payments of $222. If you prefer a delivery time of 10 business days, select the one-payment option of $444 here.*

Gain total insight into your astrology chart to help you discover your life purpose. 💫

IF YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR BIRTH TIME (scroll to end for birth-time help), use coupon code NOTIME at checkout for a 15% discount, and we will not include anything related to your birth time in the report.

A 50+ page, printable document (PDF) that will be emailed to you within 6 weeks of purchase to allow for two monthly payments of $222. It includes:

  • 🌟 A copy of your astrological birth chart
  • ♈ A list of the zodiac signs for your key luminaries (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Ceres, Juno, & Pallas)
  • 🌈 Your Soul Mission Zodiac sign with keyword list, road map, and decoder journal questions to help clarify where your soul is calling you to go and grow
  • ⬇️ Your Soul Pattern Zodiac sign with keyword list, road map, and decoder journal questions to discover unhealthy behaviors & patterns your soul wants you to release
  • ☀️ Your Natural Superpowers (sun sign) with keyword list, road map, and decoder journal questions so you know how you shine your light and make the world a better place
  • 🌙 Your Inner-Child Style (moon sign) so you have personalized tips on caring for & nurturing yourself
  • 🔥 The predominant flavor of energies in your astrology chart, in terms of elements (air, earth, fire, & water) and modalities (cardinal, fixed, & mutable) for more insight into the nature of your personality & harness its strengths
  • ✏️ Your natural communication style (Mercury) so you can leverage it's high-vibe energy
  • 💡 Your active manifestation style (Mars) and receptive manifestation style (Venus)
  • 🎨 Your creativity style (moon phase at birth) so you know which part of the creative process comes most naturally to you
  • 🦋 Your expansion zone (Jupiter) so you know where you are called to good fortune and spiritual growth
  • 👟Your wise disciplinarian energy (Saturn) so you know where to develop structure & cultivate patience in your life to overcome obstacles
  • 🛡️ Your trickster energy (Neptune) so you know how to counteract confusion and criticism that makes it hard to reach your goals
  • ⚖️ Your karmic rebalancer (Pluto) so you know where you need to stop overcompensating based on past-life regrets
  • ❤️‍🩹 Your wounded healer (Chiron) so you can discover past life superpowers and reclaim them for your benefit

    IF YOU PROVIDE YOUR BIRTH TIME (scroll to the bottom for tips on finding your birth time), the report will also include:

  • Your Natural Leadership Style (rising sign) with keyword list so you know how to use your natural identity as a source of influence
  • Your Soul Mission Area of Focus (astrological house) with keyword list so you know the domain of life you are called to expand
  • Your Soul Pattern Area of Focus with keyword list so you know the domain of life you are called to contract
  • Your Superpowers Area of Focus with keyword list so you know the domain of life where you have a natural, positive impact
  • Your career zone (midheaven) with keyword list so you know what types of career you might find most fulfilling as a means to leaving a personal legacy
  • Your work style (6th house cusp) with keyword list so you know your natural style of getting work done on a daily basis

    Your astrology chart is a gift from your soul. The Life Purpose Essentials Report can help you translate and understand key components of it.

    💜 Give yourself or a loved one the gift of self-knowledge! 💜

    No refunds are available on the Life Purpose Complete Report due to its custom and digital nature.

  1. Questions before you purchase? Email us: [email protected]

  3. How to find your birth time: 

    Your birth time may be found on a certified copy of your long-form birth certificate, by calling the hospital where you were born, by contacting the town/city/county hall of your birth town (or other government office that manages "vital records" across the town, country, province, or state, such as "Registry, "Ministry" or "Department of Vital Records"), or finding a reputable company online to help you access vital records. Asking a parent is another option, though it may not be as accurate; being even a few minutes "off" from your correct birth time can affect your astrological chart.