You Deserve Work & Play You

Absolutely Love

Here's how to get there.

You seek to live a life that is joyful, balanced, and meaningful. To achieve that, you need to find work and play that feed your soul.

Unfortunately, you spend so much time taking care of everything and everyone else that you often end up feeling frustrated or depressed about how little time you have to cultivate a career you'll love or to enjoy hobbies and activities that make you happy.


I understand that you are exhausted by the end of the day and have little energy left to give to your own dreams and goals. You're not alone! But do you really want to keep living this way?

You deserve to have time for you, whether to craft a career or business that fulfills you or to have more time for fun, hobbies, relationships, enjoyable exercise, and self-care.

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for a life you'll love

Finally, Focused Time for

Amazing You

This is why I've created the Soulful Coaching program series... help you set aside time and space for worthy you to work with an experienced & supportive partner who is dedicated to helping people (like you!) design and create work and play they absolutely love.

Are you game?

All it takes is 60 minutes of your time every other week for our coaching sessions, plus whatever additional time you choose to invest between sessions to complete the fieldwork we design for you together.


This fieldwork advances your personal and professional goals so it can be quite fun. And you'd be surprised at how little time it can take. A little focus goes a long way.

You can get started with three easy steps...

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for a life you'll love

3 Easy Steps to Work & Play

You'll Love


Book a complimentary 20-minute discovery session with me.


Select your desired coaching package.


Begin creating work, play, and life you truly love!

For a life you'll

absolutely love...