Divorce Coaching

Work with me one-on-one to:

  • understand why your marriage is experiencing difficulty or ending

  • determine whether you want to get a divorce

  • assess your legal, career, financial, housing, and custody options for life after divorce

  • develop a  vision for your dream life after divorce

  • create a plan to become financially strong doing work you love

  • identify soulmates to support you as you create your new life

  • discover how best to support your children

  • find the courage and know-how to take action and move forward

  • process your grief and heal your pain

A Soulful Approach

What makes my approach different?

Most life coaches focus on the practical side of life. Most spiritual coaches focus on the softer stuff--the things we can't see with our eyes but that are still important. I focus on both.

The end result is coaching that tends to your mind, body, AND spirit.

I have the training, tools, and experience to help you include your  spirit in the work that we do together. It's your inner guidance system--let's use it!


I also know that you live in the real world, which is why every session, we will also identify practical next steps to move yourself forward.

It's time for soul-centered living.


$300/month includes:*

  • 60-minute coaching session every other week

  • customized astrological updates based on your natal chart

  • brief phone check-ins

  • text and email support
  • access to Soulful Divorce online program

*6 month contract

Join my vibrant community of soulful women

or work with me one-on-one.

"Suzanne's unique and empowering approach to coaching is one of the reasons I've reinstated dreams and goals back into my life at the age of 65."

Darlene Elkins, PR Associate & Professional Photographer, Tampa, FL