Discover Divine You in 30 Days

Unlock-Your-Personal-Astrology Package

This will be an interactive, conversational, and contemplative process where we use your astrological birth chart, my astrology tool kit, and your voice of inner wisdom to explore the following:

Session 1 - Shine Your Light: discover your super powers (Sun + Rising sign), your soul mission (North Node), and your soul pattern (South Node)

Session 2 - Release Your Shadow: discover your communication pitfalls (Mercury), your inner child (moon), and your trickster (Neptune)

Session 3 - Heal Your Karma: meet your wounded healer (Chiron), your voice of karmic guilt (Pluto), and your wise taskmaster (Saturn) 

Session 4 - Cultivate Abundance: harness your magnetism (Venus), your projected power (Mars), and your universal invitation to expand (Jupiter)

Free Bonus: Uranus: Your Personal Lightning Bolt for Radical Change: Exploration Guide