When you embody high-vibe

Aries energy . . . are ready to take action. You don't need to deliberate; you know what you want and go for it.

You'd rather move and get something wrong then sit there stagnant. You can always take another action to correct a mistake, but if you don't move at all you don't have a shot at being first to the finish line.

Like the fire in your sign, you burn bright. People notice you because of your energy, your enthusiasm, and your frank nature. You are no servant to diplomacy; instead, you speak the truth as you see it. You are brave and unafraid, which sometimes puts you in the role of leader. You are comfortable there, as long as everyone else can keep up.

You are athletic and like to compete. If there is a mountain on the path, you are the first one to sprint to the top. You are comfortable taking on challenges and willing to take risks to get to the other side. 

You love to begin new projects and remind the rest of the zodiac of the value of getting started. You also recognize when you need something and know how to advocate yourself. You are a role model for what it means to honor one's own voice and needs.


When you embody low-vibe

Aries energy . . . take action because you are impatient, not because it is the right thing to do. Consequences be damned, you've got to move.


You say what's on your mind, even if the situation calls for diplomacy and you know it. You feel it's not your job to coddle your audience.

Your bold focus can turn into narrow-mindedness, causing you to go after something you want or believe in, regardless of its effects on others. You forget to notice the group and may lack empathy for how your actions affect others. Even when you know they do, you are driven to take care of yourself first.


You may feel restless, and your need to act can turn into a hot temper. If others disagree or hold you back, you will let them know and not necessarily in a nice way. You are willing to fight if you need to. While your ability to assert yourself has its place, it can also make unnecessary enemies that will only slow you down in the long run.