Coaching to help you design

work & play you'll

absolutely love..


Design Your Next Joyful Chapter


Transform Your Life, Step by Step


Experience More Joy & Inner Peace!

You deserve to love your life

every day.

Step 1

Choose Your Focus


Soulful Career

Discover your life purpose and work to

bring that purpose into your present job,

find a new job or career you love, or start a new business that fulfills your soul

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Soulful Self-Care

Define and implement your vision for your joyful life outside of work to bring more health, happiness, and balance to your high-achieving lifestyle

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Soulful Work & Play

Give yourself the gift of the Soulful Career and Soulful Self-Care package all in one

Also Available:

  • Soulful Divorce

  • Soulful Next Chapter

Step 2

Choose Your Timeline


1 session

60- to 75-minutes

Meet 1 time to explore your astrology chart: learn your soul mission, meet your inner child, face your trickster, discover your wounded healer, & see where you are currently being called to go & grow


3 months of coaching

to build a foundation

Meet every other week to ignite your motivation and build a foundation



6 months of coaching

to change your life

Meet every other week

to do a total redesign of one or more areas of your life


+ 2 free bonus tune-up sessions

*For those who prefer to meet every week, fees go down to $100/session

Step 3

Enjoy Your New Life!


Wake up on Monday mornings excited about work, play & life


Enjoy clear focus and high energy because you have a vision & plan for your life ahead


Feel at peace because you are fulfilling your life purpose and sharing your gifts with the world


Smile because you know you are loved and lovable


Experience more joy every day!


It Works

Coaching Sessions

over the phone where we explore your vision, raise your vibration, and design your action steps


Fieldwork Assignments

completed by you to experiment, get clear, and create real change


Astrological Reports

  from me after each session with customized information on where you are being called to

go & grow

Text and Email Support

between sessions to refuel, unblock, & share wins

Say Goodbye to Exhaustion &

Failed Dreams

You seek to live a life that is joyful, balanced, and meaningful. To achieve that, you need to find work and play that feed your soul.

Unfortunately, you spend so much time taking care of everything and everyone else that you often end up feeling frustrated or depressed about how little time you have to cultivate a career you'll love or to enjoy hobbies and activities that make you happy.


I understand that you are exhausted by the end of the day and have little energy left to give to your own dreams and goals. You're not alone! But do you really want to keep living this way?

You deserve to have time for you, whether to craft a career or business that fulfills you or to have more time for fun, hobbies, relationships, enjoyable exercise, and self-care.

A Coaching Program Designed

with You in Mind

I've worked with many passionate, high-achieving people like you who seek to bring more joy into their life, whether at work, outside of work, or both.

This process works. You set aside one hour every other week to meet with me, and as little or as much time as you'd like in between sessions to advance your goals by doing fieldwork we create together.

Our sessions hold you accountable for following through on your fieldwork as well as provide a place to celebrate each forward step you take. We use these sessions to brainstorm ideas and trouble-shoot challenges as well.

As a mama bear for your soul, I will also help you deepen your self-love, self-confidence, and self-care, enabling you to break through blocks and create the big, beautiful life you desire.

Are you ready to love

your life?

It's Your Time to

Feel Joy


You were put on this planet to experience joy, to fulfill your potential, and to touch other people's lives, all by being beautiful & authentic you. This is possible, I promise!

As a mama bear for your soul, I will help you:

  • discover your soul mission & life purpose

  • envision your new, joyful life

  • design a doable plan to get there

  • take action to create your next joyful chapter


"Suzanne is compassionate, smart, intuitive, professional, and a gifted listener. Seriously, give this unique approach of Aquarian life coaching a try---you won't regret it!"

Lori E., Healthcare Professional


Suzanne did a wonderful job of sharing insights gained from my astrological charts...She shared the knowledge she has...without making any assumptions, allowing space for a dialogue about what might bring me the "turbo-boosts" I needed in my life at that time.


Neville Uhles, Silver Spring, MD


Suzanne's...kind and gentle manner makes you feel safe, and her insights inspire you! She has worked with me to see things more clearly, to set my intentions accordingly, and achieve my aspirations.

Marilyn B, Dallas, TX


How Does Astrology

Fit In?

I blend life coaching techniques with astrology insight to help you access the wisdom of your higher self and the universe at large to create change that is grounded in your personal truth and the natural cycles of the universe.

The location of the planets in the sky at the time and location of your birth provide us with great insight into your personality, your higher self, and your unique purpose in this lifetime.

We will use your astrological chart as a tool to help you get back in touch with your passions, overcome blocks, and plan the year ahead in sync with the energetic cycles of the universe and the aspirations of your soul.

Is it Finally Time to

Choose You?


Develop the know-how to

turn your dreams into reality


Be the leader of your own life


Find the courage to take action


Gain the confidence to trust

your inner wisdom


Love the you that you see in the mirror


Get on your life's true path!

What should you do if you feel you do not have the money

to invest in coaching?

Do a financial audit on your budget

to see where you are losing money on subscriptions & services you no longer use and to free up funds. Are you overspending on meals out & convenience items? Is there something in your life you are willing to give up right now in order to invest in you?


Be creative

Money can flow to you multiple ways. Can you make a little extra money with a side hobby or by selling something of value you no longer need? Is there a tax refund coming?  Would your loved ones want to get together and gift you the coaching for a birthday or holiday? Get your mental wheels turning and see what emerges.


Do a truth check

Are you truly too tight on funds or do you simply not believe your are worth the investment during your time of personal crisis or transformation? Before you say "no" to yourself, make sure you have taken the time to truly consider your options and to value what it will mean for your future to invest in you. Coaching works and could be the doorway to your meaningful, joyful, and stable future!

Free for All

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Fieldwork Assignment #1:

Manifest Your Coaching Funds


As long as you say you don't have the money, you won't have the money. Open the tap to your abundance by first believing you can find the funds. Write down the amount you want to manifest for your desired coaching package and put it in an envelope with a label like "Investment in My Dreams."


Say a prayer of gratitude to the universe every morning when you wake or every night before you sleep for the funds that are coming. This is to condition your mind to believe you can attract what you seek and to alert the universe to your wishes.

Now, each day that passes, pay attention to what manifestation expert Lacy Phillips calls "pings"--those thoughts and inspirations that pop into your head to lead you to finding the thing you are currently manifesting.


Maybe its the thought that you should clean off the pile of papers on your desk and you find a forgotten check to cash. Maybe you get the urge to call your grandmother, and when you do, she tells you she'd like to gift you some money. Maybe you remember a quaint coffee shop you haven't been to in years and when you visit again you see an ad for house sitting that would yield you the desired money.


Follow the pings!

If the money does not come, work on your belief system. Take time to notice your unconscious thoughts of being unworthy and meditate, visualize, or say mantras to reprogram your thoughts to believe you are worthy of receiving.

Keep your mind open each day for pings and creative inspirations that will lead you to your manifestation. It can take up to 6 months to manifest your wishes, but it can also happen a lot faster. Have fun playing!

For more intensive guidance on how to reprogram your unconscious beliefs and how to manifest in general, check out Lacy Phillips' A La Carte Workshops

or Pathway Membership at To Be Magnetic.

Are you  ready to love your

life again?