When you embody high-vibe

Taurus energy . . .

...you have a dogged determination that will get you to the finish line. Along the route, you want to feel comfortable, but you don't get stuck or lost in the comfort. Take a step, feel comfortable; take another step, feel comfortable. As long as you feel comfortable and secure in your environment, you have the will and strength to get to the end of whatever path you have started.

Comfort for you is knowing things are stable and secure, but it's also about enjoying the sensual pleasures in life. After a hard day's work, you know how to savor the sweetness of life's material gifts, whether a well-cooked meal, a bottle of good wine, time relaxing on the couch in your beautiful home, or time making practical art from your hands. Knitting a scarf, throwing a ceramic bowl on your potter's wheel, designing a holiday card on your computer, or potting some house plants are examples.

As an Earth sign, stability is important to you, and  you will design your life to ensure that stability. Your steady lifestyle creates an energy of serenity that others may enjoy being around. You nurture that serenity by spending time in beautiful places and surrounding yourself with beautiful and high quality things. For you, beauty and quality are not a luxury but a necessity.


You are a doer and a builder who also appreciates taking time to experience life's pleasures.


When you embody low-vibe

Taurus energy . . .

... you cut yourself off from options because you are closed-minded, stingy, or fearful of change. Your need for safety and routine may keep your world small.


You procrastinate. You get stuck in a rut because you are stubborn or unwilling to expend energy; you move too slowly at times due to over caution. Sometimes, you miss out on the very rewards you seek because you are unable to act fast enough or to take a healthy risk now and then.

Your love of material pleasures can tip into materialism; your desire for beauty can become vanity. Your appreciation of the practical may cause you to miss the spiritual, which has its value too.

When you believe you have all the answers, you can't receive the gifts that are being sent your way in each and every moment.