Soulful Career C0aching

Work with me one-on-one to:

  • discover the reason your soul chose to come into this lifetime

  • identify old areas of your work life that it is time for you to release

  • assess your options for changing careers

  • develop a  vision for your new dream career

  • create a plan to become financially strong doing work you love

  • identify blocks that may hold you back

  • discover what self-care you need to stay energized and motivated

  • find the courage and know-how to take action and move forward

  • claim your power to create the life of your dreams

Discover Your Life Purpose

You were put on this planet to do something magnificent: be you.

You know you were meant to do something greater than you are now. You value your work to date, but  you know somewhere inside of you that it's time to move on. But how? We will work together to answer this question.

You don't have to guess and you don't have to go it alone anymore. I will be your partner in the journey, and we will use the coaching process and your unique cosmic blueprint--your astrological chart--to decode the truth of your soul and the reason you came into this lifetime.

It's time to remember the passion you were born with.


$300/month includes:*

  • 60-minute coaching session every other week

  • customized astrological updates based on your natal chart

  • brief phone check-ins

  • text and email support

*6 month contract

Join my vibrant community of soulful women

or work with me one-on-one.

"Suzanne's unique and empowering approach to coaching is one of the reasons I've reinstated dreams and goals back into my life at the age of 65."

Darlene Elkins, PR Associate & Professional Photographer, Tampa, FL