Letting Go and Renewing During Eclipse Season

astrology gemini Nov 30, 2020

Happy eclipse season!

This energetically awakening time of year that occurs every six months is here. Are you ready to get the most out of it?

Eclipse season is a time for awakening, releasing, renewing, and up-leveling.

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With Monday’s lunar eclipse (which occurred at 1:43AM PT/4:43AM ET/9:43AMGMT/8:43PM AEDT) in the sign of Gemini, you may be invited to shift something related to:

  • your mindset
  • your communication style
  • your local community or your social connections

Do you have a toxic way of thinking that is holding you back?

Is it time to start having different kinds of conversations with people?

Is there a way that you interact with your local surroundings that wants to be changed up?

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These are just a few questions to help you be on the lookout for what this lunar eclipse may be inviting from you. If you find them helpful, I invite you to journal, meditate with them, or simply contemplate them.

If they feel too specific for your situation, then I invite you to simply be aware and open to what growth and change this eclipse season is awakening in you.

Every eclipse experience is personal to the person. Take note of the following dates and be aware of what change is stirring in you.

  • New Moon on November 15 - Kicked off eclipse season
  • Lunar Eclipse on November 30 - Invitation to complete, celebrate, and/or release something done or no longer needed in your life
  • Solar Eclipse on December 14 - Invitation to start the next chapter being called in
  • Full Moon December 29/30 - Eclipse season is complete and you can move forward into your next chapter with a clean slate, ready to integrate new learnings

What change is afoot for you this eclipse season? Write in your journal, meditate, or reflect while you are walking or doing the dishes!

I am also here for those who would like to schedule a personal astrology session to explore what this eclipse season may be releasing and awakening in you.

Wishing you powerful release and energizing renewal this eclipse season as we close out the intense year of 2020!


Suzanne Bellavista, MS, works with passionate and sometimes perfectionistic women in transition to help them slow down and reconnect to their inner voice of wisdom and the divine wisdom of the natural world around them. The result? You will walk away with more confidence, greater self-understanding, and a clear plan for launching your next joyful chapter of life, with some self-love and fun sprinkled on top. What’s next for you?

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